Method A and B time entry

Include this file into a page in order to have it process a form.

Expected variables, via $_POST

  • submit == OK
  • start, end: two times in the HH:MM:SS format
  • date: a day in the datetime format (ie. YYYY/MM/DD)
  • project: the project id to punch in
The time entries are added for the current logged in user.

require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/login.php') (line 47)

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require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../TimeEntry.php') (line 48)
require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../Project.php') (line 49)
require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../ecdForms.inc.php') (line 50)
require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../ecdStd.inc.php') (line 51)

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