Project edition handler

Include this file into a page in order to have it process a form.

Expected variables:

  • edit_project: submit button (form_submitted())
  • name: the project name
  • activer: if we need to activate (punch_in()) the project right
away, not yet implemented.
  • customer: the customer in which to create the project
  • parent: the parent project id (0 means no parent). As a special
case for ecdStd::project_listbox(), if parent's first character is "_", it is stripped and the remaining overrides the customer variable. Also, if the parent id equals the project id, it is unset (and therefore will be ignored and made toplevel), to avoid loops.
  • old_id: if we are editing a project, the is the original project id
  • desc: free string
  • evaluation: int in hours
  • status: open/close
  • responsible: user id
This script will fail in the following cases:
  • if the customer submitted is not in the allowed_customers_arr() list

require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../bin/login.php') (line 59)

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require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../Project.php') (line 60)
require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../Customer.php') (line 61)
require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../ecdForms.inc.php') (line 62)
require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../ecdStd.inc.php') (line 63)

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