editeur de profil

Expected variables:

  • email (not yet, taken from login.php)
  • password
  • password_confirm
  • longname
  • method (a, b or c)
  • address
  • submit_profile (the submit button)
note that this defines the C method as the default.

$Id: profile_edit.php,v 1.2 2005/01/07 01:32:17 anarcat Exp $

require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/login.php') (line 27)

make sure the user is logged in

the edited user is, for now, the logged in user, but might be subject to change, once a permission system is online

require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../ecdForms.inc.php') (line 29)
require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/../User.php') (line 28)
maybe_suck_user_data (line 31)
void maybe_suck_user_data (mixed $edited_user)

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